Welcome to the official Long Valley Fire Company website! The Long Valley Fire Company is part of the Washington Township Fire Department and has been serving the Washington Township community since 1911. The Long Valley Fire Company was incorporated in 1921 and is a life saving/property conserving organization that has over 100 years of emergency experience in our community. The department covers an area of approximately forty-four square miles and functions at the direction and responsibility of the Fire Chief, and is dedicated to services of fire administration, fire prevention, public education/information, training, and suppression.

Close Call For Long Valley Home

Posted on July 14, 2015

During the early morning hours on July 13th, the Long Valley Fire Company was dispatched for a reported brush fire in a backyard. Upon arrival, Police found the fire to be burning next to the home's deck and foundation and quickly began dousing the fire with extinguishers. Engine 1-1 and Cascade 1-3 arrived shortly after dispatch and extinguished the remaining pockets of the fire. Caused by an illegal open burn fueled by gasoline, the home's vinyl siding, deck, and surrounding areas were damaged by the fire. Crews left the scene within an hour.

Box Alarm Fire

Posted on July 10, 2015

Shortly after lunchtime, a box alarm was dispatched for Washington Twp Fire Companies for a Structure Fire. Long Valley Chief 1 followed by Long Valley Chief 2 were first to arrive on scene. They advised all responding units that smoke was showing and that there were active sprinkler heads in the building. Long Valley Engine 1-1 was the first apparatus to arrive and stretched an inch-and-3/4 line into the building. Crews found the fire to be extinguished by the sprinkler heads in the kitchen area before the fire could really take off. The cause of the fire was due to grease from cooking. Schooleys Mountain Quint 3-9, Long Valley Cascade 1-3, Fairmount Engine 2-1 and Tender 2-7, along with EMS units also assisted at the scene.

Tewksbury Township Crash

Posted on July 7, 2015

Long Valley Fire, Long Valley EMS, and The Long Valley Rescue Squad were dispatched to the intersection of Beacon Light Road and Fairmount Road during rush hour Thursday morning. Long Valley Chief 2 was first to arrive on scene and gave an update that there were three cars involved and injuries. Tewksbury Fire Companies along with Long Valley Engine 1-1 arrived on scene shortly after the update. Crews were able to remove a trapped person from one of the vehicles and EMS transported 2 people involved in the wreck. All Long Valley Fire units left the scene approximately an hour later.


2 Car Crash On Old Farmers Road

Posted on June 28, 2015

At 8:36 pm on June 25th, Long Valley Fire, Long Valley EMS and Rescue Squad were dispatched to the intersection of Old Farmers Road/ Long Valley Blvd for a 2-car Motor Vehicle Accident. Long Valley Engine 1-1 and Cascade 1-3 responded to the incident as police closed a portion of Old Farmers Road. Crews cleaned up debris from both vehicles and contained a minor fluid spill from one of the vehicles. No injuries were reported and all fire units left the scene an hour later.

Damage To Home By Oven Fire

Posted on June 23, 2015

On Friday June 26th, Washington Twp. Fire Companies were alerted to 253 Fairview Avenue for a reported oven fire. First arriving units reported smoke showing from the residence as crews entered the home. Fire had spread from the oven to the cabinets, outlet, microwave, and wall behind the oven. The fire had caused some structural and electrical damage to the home. As the County Dispatch Center received the 911 call, the homeowner contained the fire to the oven area. The quick actions by the homeowner prevented the fire from causing any other damage to the residence. Long Valley Fire and Schooleys Mountain Fire crews extinguished the remaining pockets of fire, conducted salvage and overhaul and left the scene approximately an hour after dispatch.

8th Grade Graduation

Posted on June 23, 2015

Long Valley, Fairmount, and Schooleys Mountain Fire Companies attended the Long Valley Middle School Graduation on June 19th. Long Valley Fire served food to the families and graduates as Schooleys Mountain Fire and Fairmount Fire sprayed the graduates with the ladder truck. During the festivities, Long Valley Fire was dispatched to a residential alarm, which was covered by Califon Fire and Schooleys Mtn Fire, and Schooleys Mtn Chief 1 and 2 had command. Crews found smoke from the basement and found the source of the smoke to be coming from a dryer. Crews ventilated the house and removed the dryer.

Motor Vehicle Accident On Bartley Road

Posted on June 20, 2015

Wednesday Afternoon on June 17th, Long Valley Fire, Long Valley EMS and Rescue Squad responded to a Motor Vehicle Accident at the intersection of Bartley Road/ Elizabeth Lane. Long Valley Engine 1-2 and Cascade 1-3 responded to the incident and crews cleaned up debris from the vehicle and removed debris from a few snapped tree branches involved in the wreck. Long Valley EMS treated the patient and the road was clear within an hour.

Early Morning Brush Fire

Posted on May 25, 2015

During Memorial Day Weekend, Long Valley Fire was dispatched during the early morning to a brush fire on Scenic Falls Road. Long Valley Engine 1-1 arrived first on scene and updated county that a wire fire had caused a brush fire below the pole. Fire crews extinguished the small brush fire and remained on scene for approximately 2 hours. The utility company and Long Valley Engine 1-2 also responded to the location.

Bartley Road Car Crash

Posted on May 24, 2015

Early in the morning on May 22, Long Valley Fire, Long Valley EMS and the Long Valley EMS Rescue Squad were dispatched to the area of Bartley Road and Elizabeth Lane for a one car motor vehicle crash versus a tree. Long Valley Engine 1-1 arrived on scene and assisted EMS with the patient and provided clean up.

Long Valley Middle School Evacuated

Posted on May 16, 2015

May 15th, Washington Township Fire Companies were dispatched to the Long Valley Middle school for a Gas Leak. The middle school was evacuated as fire crews arrived on scene. Crews found no source nor trace of gas in the building and neither did the gas company. Classes resumed shortly after crews confirmed there was no gas.