Welcome to the official Long Valley Fire Company website! The Long Valley Fire Company is part of the Washington Township Fire Department and has been serving the Washington Township community since 1911. The Long Valley Fire Company was incorporated in 1921 and is a life saving/property conserving organization that has over 100 years of emergency experience in our community. The department covers an area of approximately forty-five square miles and functions at the direction and responsibility of the Fire Chief, and is dedicated to services of fire administration, fire prevention, public education/information, training, and suppression.

Quick Stop On Pickle Road

Posted on July 1, 2019

At 20:32 hours on June 30th, Washington Twp Fire Companies were dispatched to Pickle Road for the reported structure fire. Fairmount Engine 2-1 and Tender 2-7 arrived first and made a quick knock on the fire. Long Valley Engine 1-2 arrived shortly after and assisted in overhaul and extinguishing hot spots. Engine 1-1 and Cascade 1-3, Chester Fire, Califon Fire, and Schooleys Mtn Fire also assisted on scene. Great work by all companies.

Bedminster Goes To 3 Alarms

Posted on June 30, 2019

At 13:14 hours on June 30th, Somerset County requested Cascade 1-3 to respond into Bedminster Twp for the 3rd Alarm fire. Cascade 1-3 was requested to refill SCBA and to provide manpower at the scene. Once on scene, the crew stood by to fill air bottles but none needed to be filled due to exterior operations. Fire companies from Somerset, Morris, and Hunterdon Counties responded to this incident.

East Mill Road Medevac

Posted on June 10, 2019

At 1727 hours on June 9th, Long Valley Fire was dispatched to establish its 2nd landing zone of the weekend at the first aid squad building on East Mill Road for a fall victim on the Columbia Trail. Engine 1-2 established the landing zone and crews assisted with moving the patient of the helicopter. Long Valley EMS and Saint Clare's treated and transported the victim to the landing zone.

Rock Spring Park Medevac

Posted on June 9, 2019

At 0807 hours on June 8th, Long Valley Fire was dispatched to establish a landing zone at Rock Spring Park for a medical emergency requiring an immediate medevac to a specialty center. Long Valley EMS and Saint Clare's provided initial care and transported the patient to the landing zone.

Vehicle Rescue Operations Course

Posted on June 9, 2019

Last weekend, The Long Valley First Aid Squad conducted a Vehicle Rescue Operations course for new Rescue Services Members. 12 LVFAS men and women and several fire fighters from WTFD participated. This course teaches rescuers how to stabilize, lift, and extricate patients from passenger vehicles. Students got tons of hands-on training with stabilization equipment, hydraulic rescue tools, reciprocating saws, high pressure lifting bags, grips-hoists, hand tools and much more.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Posted on May 23, 2019

Firefighters responded to multiple motor vehicle accidents over the past week and two within a 12-hour period. Crews contained and cleaned up spills and debris at the accidents while EMS tended to those involved in the wrecks. Shortly after one of the accidents in the midnight hours, all Washington Township Fire Companies and EMS responded to an electrical fire in Schooleys Mountain Fire's first due area

Truck Catches Fire On Pleasant Grove

Posted on May 22, 2019

At 14:04 hours on May 13, Washington Township Fire Companies were dispatched to a reported truck fire at the corner of Ramsey Way and Pleasant Grove Road. The first officers on scene confirmed the vehicle fire and updated the responding units. Long Valley and Schooleys Mtn Engines arrived shortly after the update and doused the blaze. Companies overhauled and cleared the scene within an hour. There were no injuries.

Hawk Tangled In Fishing Line

Posted on May 6, 2019

On May 4th, The Long Valley Fire Company, Long Valley EMS Rescue and Morris County Park Police responded to Patriots' Path in Long Valley for an animal rescue. A hiker had found a Red-Tailed Hawk caught between two pieces of fishing line hanging between two trees above the river. Park Police officers, Fire Fighters and Rescue Services members worked out a plan to remove the hawk as safely as possible. Some ladder work, minor rope rigging, hand tools, battery operated reciprocating saws and an ingenious "flare on a pike pole"- (used to melt some hard to reach fishing line) were all used to release the injured hawk. The Hawk was transferred to a volunteer from “The Raptor Trust” with hopes of a speedy recovery.

2nd Alarm In Hastings Square

Posted on May 3, 2019

On April 27th at 16:28 hours, Washington Twp Fire Companies and Long Valley EMS responded to a working fire at Hastings Square in the Bennington section. The first arriving officer found smoke pushing from the eaves of 3 units and immediately requested a 2nd Alarm Assignment adding Tri-County Fire, Hackettstown Fire, and Budd Lake Fire to the Box. Long Valley Fire assisted the first arriving Engine 3-1 from Schooleys Mtn with manpower and extinguishment on arrival. The fire was held to one unit with little extension into the attic. Shortly after clearing the scene, Long Valley Engine 1-1 responded to a CO Alarm off Coleman Road. All Apparatus we’re back in quarters by 19:30 hours